• Tomy the Dreamer by Linda Unugboke
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    Tomy is determined to be GREAT! …But he has no clue what he should do and how to start! His family, especially his number one fan – his sister Candy are sure he has unique abilities but he needs to find out what they are and how to use them.One thing is for sure, he’s a bit of a dreamer and has a number of special encounters in his dreams. The only problem is, he can’t seem to figure out what they mean.In any case if Tomy is to have a shot at greatness, he has to overcome a major weakness! All these challenges are presented to Tomy in this…

  • About Tomy

    About Tomy

    Tomy is a young boy with extraordinary dreams. Through the Tomy the Dreamer book series, we walk with him to see how his life is shaped by his dreams and many fascinating discoveries. Whether his encounters are his imaginings or his reality is left to the reader to decide. In Book 1 – Tomy the Dreamer We learn about his life.  His family and friends and his aspirations for greatness In Book 2 – Tomy Learns to Celebrate We learn about his love for fun and celebrating. His life takes on a twist that he’s quite not sure how to handle it or what to make of it.